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  • ピセ
    • 100% Polyester
    • #60/200m in 35 colors
    • #60/500m in 7 colors
    • Piecing needle No.9
    • Regular needle No.9

    • For Piecing and Applique
    • Fine and strong S-twisted thread exclusively for hand sewing made from the material for Schappe Spun. Thanks to smooth stitching without tangle or kink, delicate piecework and Applique can be finished beautifully. It is wound on wooden spool in antique style.
  • パッチワークコトン
    • 100% Cotton
    • #50/200m in 35 colors
    • #50/600m in 6 colors
    • Quilting needle No.9
    • Piecing needle No.9

    • For Quilting, Piecing and Applique
    • 100% Cotton hand sewing thread for patchwork. Thanks to starch treatment, it has smooth surface, easy threading, and strength to friction. It is available to use for various quilt sewing. Good for hand sewing and smooth stitching because of S twist.
  • キルター
    • 100% Polyester
    • #50/250m in 45 colors
    • Quilting needle No.9

    • 100% Polyester
    • #50/150m in 100 colors
    • Quilting needle No.9

    • For Quilting
    • Very durable thread exclusively for quilting. Thanks to special resin treatment, it is smooth and strong to friction. It can be finished with very durable and beautiful seams. Suitable not only for quilting, but also for sewing which needs strength.
      (45 colors for Quilter is from the color variation for Quilter Farm.)
  • コットンしつけ糸
    • 100% Cotton
    • Approx. #40/420m in 4 colors
    • Tacking needle

    • For Tacking (basting)
    • 100% Cotton thread which is standard for Tacking. Easy to sew and easy to cut by hand. Suitable strength brings it good workability. There are 4 colors choice to match the color of fabric.
  • コットンしつけ糸
    • 100% Nylon
    • No.2/7g Color: White
    • No.2/20g Color: White
    • Gluing by iron (It can be used as bobbin thread in case of machine use.)

    • For Temporary adhesive
    • Fusible thread which is easy to tack by iron. Instead of using tacking threads or marking pins, it can be fused by iron temporally. Don't have to remove it like tacking threads. It is also convenient for applique.